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SCD Probiotic Mikroorganisms


Our Company is the hungarian License partner of the SCD Probiotics USA. We use the SCD Probiotics Technology for producing our products in Hungary. This technology is an environment friendly technology, based on beneficial microbial consortium. We are focus on „green solutions” to several problems around us. We offer chemical free, advanced, sustainable technology for agriculture, animal health care, lake/pond cleaning, wastewater cleaning, garbage treatment, composting, smell control, human health care.

Greenman Agro (made by the SCD Probiotic Technology) provide sustainable options for improved agricultural performance.
All living systems - including soil, plants, and trees - have a microbial ecology that can be managed and improved by the constant delivery of SCD Probiotics. Regenerating good bacteria produces a microbial ecology where beneficial bacteria dominate harmful bacteria, creating a healthier, more vibrant environment.

Greenman Agro is an all-natural, environmentally safe solution for use in agriculture applications. Produced through a natural fermentation process, Greenman Agro serves as a cost-effective alternative to chemical additives.

Unlike traditional fertilizers, the purpose of this technology is to increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. This improves the soil's microbial health and promotes a healthy environment for plants. It can also be used as a processing tool to manufacture organic fertilizers.

Based on the principles of effective microorganism (EM) applied science developed in Japan over 30 years ago, SCD Probiotics Technology offers an increasingly effective products for a number of agricultural-based applications. Enhanced levels of phototrophic non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB) have powerful detoxifying, anti-oxidants properties that help enrich the soil and improve plant performance, even in case of any soil infections.

Use Greenman Agro to:

  • Increase the microbial life of the soil
  • Help to the soil-borne native beneficial microbes to survive
  • Improve nutritional uptake efficiency of plants
  • Accelerate large scale composting efforts
  • Enrich the soil Increase seed germination Improve crop performance
  • Nurture healthy plants

Advantages of SCD Probiotics Technology

Consortium concept
Most microbial technologies today are based on “pure culture” methods of manufacturing. This means the microorganisms are grown as individual strains in sterile media. If a finished product contains more than one strain, each strain is typically grown in pure culture and then blended at time of packaging. SCD Probiotics Technology is fundamentally different because the selected strains are grown in “consortia”, in a process of co-growth that combines multiple strains during production. Therefore, each strain develops while interacting with other strains. Ultimately, through the proprietary consortia culturing processes, the microorganisms become a small eco system-- much more resilient and capable of working together synergistically. This methodology is more similar to how microorganisms actually survive in the natural environment. In nature, strains never exist in isolation or pure culture. They are always interacting with other strains.

Survival under extreme conditions of temperature and pH
SCD Probiotics products maintain their guaranteed viable cell count under a temperature range of 5 to 50 degree Celsius and pH range of 2 to 14. This means that the products do not require refrigerated storage and handling, contrasted with most microbial products. Also the products can perform in a wide range of applications where pH could be a restriction for other technologies.

Natural and organic technology
Each strain used in SCD Probiotics products is naturally occurring, not genetically modified and non-pathogenic. All ingredients used for culturing the microorganisms are natural and in most cases certified organic.
To know more about the technology and about the Greenman Agro product, visit our home page: or write us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Greenman Ltd.
8200 Veszprém, Hungary
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