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Dudarit NPK - Duszén Kft.
Dudarit NPK
Complex organit fertilizer
Invironmentally friendly soil and plant stimulant
DUDARIT-N-P-K product is based on humic acids and conventional fertilizers. Humic Substances contain organic matter and naturally chleated micronutrients. Together with the active N-P-K ingridients DUDARIT is real complex organic fertilizer.
Humic substances supply the organic matter ’humus’ int he soil and keeps all miconutrients in always uptakable form. At the same time improves the nutrient uptake efficiency.
These complex effects mean better stress tolerance and better nutrient utilization.
DUDARIT-N-P-K is produced in so called ’cool’ technology, so natural humic substances release slowly for a longer time. This slow release effect enable DUDARIT as a slow release fertilizer supplying also the micronutrients and humus.
DUDARIT can be used during the whole growing period. Humic substances serve as nutrient uptake harmonizer balancing awysa (always?) the optimal nutrient uptake.
Moreover the above mentioned effects humic sunstances have a significant biological stimulant effect to the crops and especially to the root system.
Under dry conitions humic substances are able to keep the water in the root area, so the drought resistant is significally improves.
DUDARIT-N-P-K products have a complex effect to the soil and also to the plants. At the same time serve a big puffer capacity int he soils, protecting from drought, extreme soil pH effects and salt effects.
Licence number: 02.5/10351-2//2010
8416 Dudar, Hungary, Bányatelep
Phone/Fax: +36 88 587-230
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