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Biomass K Microbiological Inoculation Culture - Elmolight Bt.

Biomass K Microbiological Inoculation Culture


Elmolight Bt. produces garden soil and humus fertilizers used as alternative plant nutrients. The company’s research activities and services are focused on soil protection as well as on microbial bioremediation of organic toxic compounds.
Our strong partnerships with national and international research institutes as well as our continuous development projects guarantee that our technology will always be customized to the user’s needs.
Concentrate of lignocellulose-degrading and humus forming micro-organisms with a number of 109-1011 /g.
Composting culture to start, control and accelerate composting of combination of municipal sewage sludge and lignocellulose-containing agricultural by-products. By using this, we can produce a compost with high biological value of soil conditioning and nutrient replenishment. The high number of cellulose-degrading part significantly shortens stalk-demolition on field.
Elmolight Bt.
8300 Tapolca, Hungary
2 Kossuth Str
Phone/Fax: 36 87 413 569
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