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The ECOPolis Cluster, as a knowledge-based, open initiative with information flow, experience and knowledge exchange in its focus, was established to reduce industrial and agricultural environmental load. The members of the cluster joined in an effort to establish a sustainable, environment-focused economic development – generated by the key innovative sectors.

The cluster was established in 2008 by 19 founders based on the competences and regional breaking points with environmental industry focus.
The organization has been developing dynamically since its foundation. It is shown by that the ECOPolis Cluster was awarded the ’Accredited Innovation Cluster’ title in 2010 (in Hungary, among hundreds of clusters, there are only about 25 own the title); the significantly expanding membership – it has became doubled since the foundation and the big number of the generated, implemented projects and the ones being under implementation. In the first half of the year 2011, we have closed the ’Starting Cluster Project’ which greatly contributed to the foundation of the cluster and the development of the cluster management services.

As a continuation of this, the cluster intends to develop a measurement technology centre in the framework of the ’Developing Cluster Project’.
An excellent example to show the competencies of the cluster is that during the disaster relief and the remediation process of the red sludge catastrophe some ECOPolis Cluster members participated as an expert and put their innovative products into practice (for example: AVITAR Accreditable Water QualityRemote Measurer System, HUMANIT NPK environment friendly mixed fertilizer). To evaluate and share the accumulated experiences and knowledge gained during the red sludge catastrophe we organized an international conference on May 23-25, 2011.

The cross-industrial membership of the cluster, the ability of giving complex solution for the problems occuring in the environmental industry, its wide range of partnership make the cluster unique at national level in many fields and as a result we have become one of the best performing clusters in Hungary.

Our vision: As a Pole Innovation Cluster through adoption and dissemination of the products, processes and services elaborated in the Ökopolisz Science Park, we intend to contribute to develop the sustainable environmental conditions, increase the competetiveness and the stantard of living of the region and Hungary.
Our main goal set for the near future is to build and broaden our international relations.

Andras Farkas