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 The ECOPolis Cluster, within the framework of the Mecenatura tender announced by the National Innovation Office (NIH), organized aninternational conference with the title of ’Development of European Union public administrative procedures for the reduction and management of environmental hazards’ (tender ID: OKOPKONF), held on May 23-25, 2011 in Budapest, Veszprém and Szekszárd.

We would like to thank the patrons of the conference, Dr. Tibor Navracsics, Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Public Administration and Justice and Dr. György Bakondi, National Director General of the Hungarian National Disaster Management General Directorate, for their support.

We are also indepted to our organizing partnersDr. Antal Papp and Zsuzsanna Rédl at Hungarian National Disaster Management General Directorate, Prof. Dr. János Kristóf and Dr. Endre Domokos at University of Pannonia and Prof. Dr. József Rohács and Dr. Dániel Rohács at Budapest University of Technology and Economics for their devoted organizing work.

Furthermore, we wish to thank Dr. András Levente Gál and Dr. Balázs Ágoston Nagy from the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice for helping with the organization, and Krisztina Farkas and Dr. Krisztina Davidovics from the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice for giving their presentations at the conference. Dr. Gábor Baranyai from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as member of the Program Committee and also as a lecturer helped to carry out the conference successfully.

Special gratitude goes to Prof. Dr. Tamás NémethProf. Dr. Valéria Csépe and Prof. Dr. János Szépvölgyi at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,Dr. Tibor Bíró at Károly Róbert College and Dr. Attila Lengyel at University of Miskolc for their supportive work in the Program Committee and for the interesting presentations they gave on their scientific researches and results.

We kindly thank Norbert Kovács, Vice President of the General Assembly of Veszprém County and Tamás Józsa, Chief of Cabinet of the Municipality of Town Veszprém for helping with the organizational tasks.

Last but not least we would like to express our thanks to all our further presentersparticipants and sponsors who contributed to the success of the conference.