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Granted Projects
Summary of the 'Mecenatura' Project Supported by the National Innovation Office (NIH)


Within the framework of the ’Mecenatura’ tender announced by the National Innovation Office (NIH) we organized an international, English-Hungarian conference and exhibition with the title of ’Development of European Union public administrative procedures for the reduction and management of environmental hazard’ (project ID: OKOPKONF) which was held on May 23-25, 2011 in the Mercure Budapest Buda hotel and the University of Pannonia, Veszprem.
Our main goal was to demonstrate the work, experiences and knowledge of the organizations who have contributed to the restoration process after the red sludge catastrophe in October 2010. We also invited expert from other countries to present their experiences of former industrial accidents. At last but not least, during the EU presidency held in Hungary, we wanted to draw attention to the importance of the public administrative procedures and technology development in order to reduce and manage environmental hazards.
Summary of the “KDOP-1.2.1-2008-0005” Project

The project was implemented until 2011.

Main information:
Title: Regional networking cooperation of the R&D&I potential of the Ökopolisz with the SME, enterprise and nonprofit organisation members of the ÖKOPolis Cluster for the national and external market of their products in the green, ecofriendly and biotechnologies
Project ID: KDOP-1.2.1-2008-0005
Period: 22 June, 2009 – 31 March, 2011
Main goals of the project: clustering, strengthening and facilitating of the venture cooperation based on R&D and innovation, regional economic development in the industries with high added value and export potential. For this purpose we intended to strengthen the ECOPolis Cluster cluster management organization and to support the build-up of the cluster management services.
 Amount of Funding: 24 606 433 HUF, total gross cost: 36 507 508 HUF
 Official close of the project: 28 October, 2011